The United States and The Kingdom of God…

The United States and The Kingdom of God…

Vote May 6I did it!  I went and cast my vote this morning.  I hope you do as well.

As sense of excitement comes over me as I sit here thinking about it.  Not so much about the candidates I picked but the process I get to be a part of.  My one vote, as small a contribution as it may be, is a part of a greater whole.  It’s not an insignificant part.  As a matter of fact it’s a necessary part.

Casting my vote made me a part of something bigger than myself.  I believe we all have a longing to be a part of something greater – a sense of belonging – a necessary part.  We hope our part makes a difference.  As it pertains to the outcome of our election and who becomes our next Commander in Chief, I hope my part makes a difference.   After all it affects my life.

The best vote I cast was 22 years ago.  There were only two candidates up for election – Jesus and me.  I cast my vote with Jesus and things have never been the same since.  He has radically changed my life.  No one could be a better Commander in Chief.  He turned my life from a kingdom of darkness to a kingdom of light.  My future changed from death and destruction to life and peace.

That one vote brought a sense of belonging to something so much bigger than myself.  I became a part of the Kingdom of God and a part of God’s family – a significant part, a necessary part.

Have you cast your vote yet?  There are really only two choices.  Choose wisely, it will affect everything.

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John is a sought after speaker and founder of Transforming Life Ministries. He’s also a writer, teacher and equipper bringing an honest and practical voice to today’s and tomorrow’s church. He has a passion for people and helping them encounter the transforming life of Jesus. John and his wife Amy, presently reside in Wilmington, North Carolina with their three children, who he thanks for their four cats and a rabbit. They also have a foreign exchange daughter Jenny, from Germany. Transforming Life Ministries is presently working to build a Camp and Retreat Center, called The Fountain in Fountain, NC.


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  2. amyhobbs May 6, 2008 at 11:52 am - Reply

    Man am I ever glad you voted Jesus! If not you and I wouldn’t have each other. It was a vote that counted big time! I love you!

  3. Joell May 6, 2008 at 2:01 pm - Reply

    Love you, bro!

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