I want a church where I can get fed…

I want a church where I can get fed…

Our western consumer mentality has created an expectation and co-dependency in institutional church to provide for our every spiritual need.  This has supplanted the all sufficiency of Christ and placed expectations on the church that she can’t meet.  When these expectations are not met, people get offended or dissatisfied.  We must become self-feeders for  spiritual growth.  There is a season of dependency in discipleship, but many people get used to this provision and never learn to feed themselves.

As a  pastor, it is always sad to see people leave churches that have loved, provided and nurtured them.  On the lighter side I wanted to share a little “FEED ME” humor.

I want to thank Robbie for this video.

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John is a sought after speaker and founder of Transforming Life Ministries. He’s also a writer, teacher and equipper bringing an honest and practical voice to today’s and tomorrow’s church. He has a passion for people and helping them encounter the transforming life of Jesus. John and his wife Amy, presently reside in Wilmington, North Carolina with their three children, who he thanks for their four cats and a rabbit. They also have a foreign exchange daughter Jenny, from Germany. Transforming Life Ministries is presently working to build a Camp and Retreat Center, called The Fountain in Fountain, NC.


  1. arm5 March 16, 2009 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    I agree to many people get offended when the ministry corrects them so they get mad and leave.But also these are the same people that will claim they are not being fed. It is not the ministrys place to constantly feed you at some point you have to develop and feed yourself.

  2. Philippa March 16, 2009 at 1:32 pm - Reply

    Consumers, consumers – aaaggggghhhh!

    However, we do need to teach them to feed themselves and, in the case of members, hold them accountable to it. But truthfully, if they go, it allows more time to be spent on others.

    Re the video – 1) I can’t believe what that guy eats for breakfast, 2) I can’t believe how disinterested his backup singer is, and 3) am I the only one who finds the drum name “Darwin” interesting? 🙂

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