UNTAMED by Jason Clark

You can choose a destination and chart your journey, but the winds and waves have a way of taking you places you didn't plan. Thank God. Maybe Solomon said it better: The mind of man plans his way; But the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9 I want to know everything, so I'm told. That not to be confuse with being a "know it all". I wanted you to know that. Like many many young [...]

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10 Personally Influential Books

People have often asked me, What books have influenced you?   Here are 10 that have impacted me and have had a part in shaping my life. This is of course not an exhaustive list, but a few on different topics. “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.”  ~ Erasmus You can read the book's summary or purchase it at a discount by just [...]

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Guest Article by Jason Clark, author/songwriter I leaned in close to my beautiful Karen. Her back was resting against the railing that separated us from the waterfall. This was the girl I would spend the rest of my life with, and I knew it. Earlier, we had walked through the small New York town of Rush. We held hands and laughed. We dreamed and ate chocolate. Now we were hidden from the whole [...]

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Sneak Peek

I was asked by Baker Books in 2011 to write something about a new book written by author/songwriter Jason Clark.  Well, I was thrilled to be asked because Jason was a friend of mine who I met in College and whose music I already listened to. Jason had produced an album entitled Surrendered and Untamed and had now written a book with the same title. The publisher sent me a copy of the book and [...]

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Surrendered and Untamed: Released in Pastor Resources Magazine

"Pastor Resources" magazine released with Mark Batterson and the S&U DVD on its cover. Baker Books is giving away the S&U DVD to the first 500 pastors who fill out the request form. You can go there now and check out the magazine online. Hint, it is on page 51. In conjunction with the magazine release, they have set up a special page on the S&U website where you can go and watch chapter three of S&U "Awaken Your [...]

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