ReThink Church: Pt 1 – What is the Church?

Do you remember this from Sunday School? I thought I'd start with how our thinking had been shaped from a very young age.  So, what is the Church? I just started a teaching series called ReThink Church.  As I was working on the second segment of this series I realized I had made a statement in a previous post that I said I would follow up one.  The post entitled "Honor", was about [...]

Diversity – embrace it, own it, enjoy it…

 "Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..."   Romans 12:6 I have spent the last 2 years on a personal spiritual journey that has brought me to re-examine everything in my life.  I have read countless books and searched the scriptures.  I have allowed God to search me, correct me, shape me and lead me. Much of what I hear from our post-modern spiritual and cultural experts, [...]

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Going Deep…

If you remember learning about icebergs in Elementary or Middle School you know that what you see sticking out of the water is only a small fraction of the whole thing. Over the last 2 years I have walked through a major change in ministry.  God began some things in the church I serve that have caused me to take a fresh and new look at my faith, my theology, my walk, and my views [...]

When Church Is Like A Happy Meal…

Church:  Have we just become consumers of religious goods and services or are we actively participating in the life and ways of Jesus.  For some the content of their spirituality is as intimate, brief and personally vulnerable as a trip through the McDonald's Drive Thru.  However, if you paid for the meal of the next person behind you in line it might be more like what Jesus might do than all the sermons and worship experiences we have consumed.  Ask [...]

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I Heard Behind Me A Loud Voice Like A Trumpet…

"When we take our gaze off the celebrity pastors (practical dramatists) and the ministry pundits (theoretical dramatists) and we fix our eyes once again on Jesus, we’ll discover a spiritual leader with the wisdom to focus on the only drama that really matters. Jesus lived and served from a soul at one with the Father and an identity secure in his love. From this inner place he drew the strength to do might works (drama [...]

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