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The Vision and The Journey…

Not all journeys begin with a vision, but every vision is the beginning of a journey.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am talking about something that originated from the heart of God, not the desires of man.  We have all felt strong desires and placing them in beautifully crafted words and called them a vision.  Church leaders are notorious for this , the proof being captured in many churches' three part vision statements.  [...]

Changes, changes, changes….

Life is an incredible journey and it is easy to lose sight of it if we only focus on the moment.  Some moments in life can be paralyzing if we let them.  Those of you who have done much flying have been stuck in a city or airport when you needed to be somewhere else.  It's a layover, not your destination.  None of us decide to permanently stay there.  However, we are there.  We make [...]

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Going Deep…

If you remember learning about icebergs in Elementary or Middle School you know that what you see sticking out of the water is only a small fraction of the whole thing. Over the last 2 years I have walked through a major change in ministry.  God began some things in the church I serve that have caused me to take a fresh and new look at my faith, my theology, my walk, and my views [...]

Born to die…

We always share communion on Christmas Sunday in our worship gathering.  I was pondering this in light of the celebration of Christ's birth.  Why do we combine the crucifixion with the birth of Jesus?  What is its significance and implication?  As many of you will share the Lord's Supper (Eucharist) this Sunday let me give you something to meditate on. There is something wrapped in the mystery and miracle of Christ's birth.  We are overwhelmed by [...]

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