He who has an ear, let him hear…

He who has an ear, let him hear…

Oh the beauty of diversity.  How different we are in every way, including our ability to communicate.  If you haven’t learned by now then you either don’t realize that people misunderstand what you’ve tried to say or you don’t care if you are misunderstood.   But, if we value relationship with the ones we are trying to communicate with then we will take the time to learn.  To assume you are heard simply because you think you are a clear and precise communicator is a self-delusion and maybe in some cases arrogant.  Either way it does not take into account the beautiful diversity of our hearers.  Communication is an ongoing process that may need to be revisited over and over til what we find is not that we have simply been heard and understood but rather we progressively and more intimately know our hearers as well as we are known.  To truly desire to be heard is to truly desire relationship with our hearer and that is a heart issue not just something wrong with the ears.

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John is a sought after speaker and founder of Transforming Life Ministries. He’s also a writer, teacher and equipper bringing an honest and practical voice to today’s and tomorrow’s church. He has a passion for people and helping them encounter the transforming life of Jesus. John and his wife Amy, presently reside in Wilmington, North Carolina with their three children, who he thanks for their four cats and a rabbit. They also have a foreign exchange daughter Jenny, from Germany. Transforming Life Ministries is presently working to build a Camp and Retreat Center, called The Fountain in Fountain, NC.

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  1. Doug August 10, 2009 at 1:47 pm - Reply

    Magnificent post! A critical part of forming an intimate and meaningful relationship with any person is communication…not only speaking, but more important is the listening and hearing. So often, I find that I’m doing more talking than listening.(duh!) However, God gave us two ears and one mouth, so maybe we might listen and hear twice as much as we’re speaking. I’m going to listen and hear now! Love, Doug

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