I want a church where I can get fed…

Our western consumer mentality has created an expectation and co-dependency in institutional church to provide for our every spiritual need.  This has supplanted the all sufficiency of Christ and placed expectations on the church that she can't meet.  When these expectations are not met, people get offended or dissatisfied.  We must become self-feeders for  spiritual growth.  There is a season of dependency in discipleship, but many people get used to this provision and never learn [...]

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Stimulate your humor…

"Liquidity (n.): When you look at your investments and wet your pants." A little humor from Philippa @ MentalReflections, dishing up a little wisdom and practical reflections about real life.  Pop over a read her blog.

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Star Wars – things that make me happy…

I am at a loss for words.  This takes me to a happy place.  To my brother Scott I give a big Star Wars shout out!  I'm sorry for making fun of you as a kid and calling you Star Wars Freak.  I admit it I'm afreak too and I'm now coming out of the SW closet.  I love you man. What makes you happy?

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Jam on it.

Amy's 20th reunion is coming up soon and she is helping plan the event.  My sister sent us her collection of 80's music and we happened to be listening to some last night when our son (Nathan) came into the kitchen.   Nathan constantly cracks us up.  Here is a spontaneous dance by Nathan - a lip-sinc, robot, gangsta, hip-hop thing.  Jam on it! "A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit [...]

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What the CRAP…..

 Most of you who know me, know that I have been plagued with plumbing problems.  Our house was flooded twice from plumbing issues.  As a result, the down stair ceiling fell in and flooded our den, garage and laundry room. (Read Count it all Joy....) We finally got everything repaired and..... last night I discovered that one of my boys flushed something, lets just say, that should not and cannot go down the pipes.  I have spent [...]

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