The United States and The Kingdom of God…

I did it!  I went and cast my vote this morning.  I hope you do as well. As sense of excitement comes over me as I sit here thinking about it.  Not so much about the candidates I picked but the process I get to be a part of.  My one vote, as small a contribution as it may be, is a part of a greater whole.  It's not an insignificant part.  As a matter [...]

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Are you a Christian?

So if by definition Christian means "Christ follower" and the Bible tells us to put on Christ and to have the likeness of Christ.....How does your life line up with this definition?  If you were Jesus what would you be doing right now?  How would you be living right now?  What should change about your life in order to be what you really claim to be?  Do we really believe if we do not live [...]

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