Mercy me…

I can remember when I was a kid; a hot summer day with a couple of friends doing the stuff the boys do.  In the backyard on a carpet of green grass which now had become our Colosseum.  Gladiators clad with armour - dirty Chuck Taylors, jeans and t-shirts standing our ground, arms outstretched, crouched and ready, waiting for the signal. Someone yell - Ready, Set, GO...... With grunts, groans and the boasting of our adolescent strength, we [...]

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Tough Love…

We've all heard the phrase "tough love", maybe even experienced it in our adolescence as we clumsily navigated through some rebellious patch of our life growing up.  Hopefully you are not still stuck there.  It can be painful both as a parent and a recipient of tough love.  I however, have been experiencing tough love of a different nature lately and this morning took a moment to meditate on it.  What I'm dealing with is [...]

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Insecurity in Church Movements…

Can't we all just get along!  This expresses how I feel so many times when I read what people write about the church and others get their two cents worth in how they think.  I am all for a free thinking society, but we cannot lose sight of where the real battle lies.  Neil Cole in the below suggested article uses the words "friendly fire", to which I would suggest is not so friendly when [...]

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Love + Incarnational = Transformation

I stopped by my Grand Mother's house today to pick up some flowers she wanted us to have.  Granny Hobbs is 91 now and for as long as I can remember she has given everything away.  My daughter asked me, "Why is she giving us that stuff?" Well she also included a case of Yoohoo, Sunny D and cookies.  I told my daughter, "Granny Hobbs came into this world with nothing and she will leave with nothing", [...]

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Grace and Freedom in Christ…

For those of you who are a part of The Dwelling Place, here is a great short message by Francis Chan on Freedom in Christ and Grace. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yq8elC_kYs&feature=player_embedded] Francis Chan: "Grace, Grace, Grace"  (This and other massages at www.cornerstonesimi.com)

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