Missio Dei

Where did God send you today?  In our attempt to find out what God wants us to do and in our churches looking to find a unique mission statement to follow, have we missed the simplicity of Missio Dei? This is an incredible video of Micheal Frost - missiologist at the Prebyterian Global Fellowship Conference in Houston, Texas.  When you have 52 minutes to spare this is a must see.  If you cannot watch the [...]

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Going Missional…

I read an article this morning that made me think about the many trips I've taken with my family.  When we pack the car to go to Grandmom and Pop's house for Christmas with a family of five, packing becomes an art form if not an engineering miracle.  If you ask my wife, I am the worst at taking less. If you have flown lately you understand the value of less is more.  Less baggage [...]

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Medium v/s Message…

"in the end the medium always becomes the message."  Alan Hirsch - The Forgotten Ways How tough it is in pastoring a church to keep the focus on the message we are called to bring.  You may say that doesn't make sense.  The church is all about Jesus and the message is about Him.  This is true, but if you are a Pastor you know what I'm talking about. While we share the message about [...]

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I hope that in all our celebration or regret over the election, that we would all see our need to pray for President Elect Obama and all those whom we have elected to office as servants with great responsibility under God.  Please pray..... For our national Leaders. That our national leaders would acknowledge their authority as coming from God.  Pride goes before the fall.  The humble will be exalted. That our national leaders would be [...]

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Elect a Savior…

I'm thinking... If we were only as eager for change in our personal lives as we are for change in our nation. Too often we long for the wrong things to satisfy our angst.  While we debate over who has the best policies for change, and honestly, in my opinion I could not really tell who is right.  One is right and one is wrong, but who?  Obama is going to save you more, so he [...]

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